As your tech infrastructure grows, so do the responsibilities.

Too many products,
Too many alerts,
Too few staff.

Outsourcing IT services is one of the best practices to follow if you’re focused on reducing costs and yielding a higher ROI on IT spend.

Below are the top five reasons businesses are choosing to pursue IT outsourcing over the next two to three years.

Top 5 reasons our clients choose us

We’re flexible and can cater for any size business, from the small to the global enterprise, by taking a multi-layered approach to strategy, security, and managed services.


Cost savings


Quality improvement


Access to IT resources and skills


Financial flexibility


Reduce go-to-market time

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Our latest results speak for themselves

Industry : Tourism Development

Faced with an aging infrastructure and capacity issues due to the explosive growth of tourists to the Emirate, our client required a complete Digital Transformation. A whole new infrastructure was designed, using advanced planning methodologies, and systems were migrated to a new SAN based on Hyper V Technologies. Endpoints were updated and managed to the latest Windows 10 build via an end-to-end automated build with applications being installed on demand, dependent on the user’s persona, thus reducing technician time to manage the desktop. The net result of the project was that the tourist board could expand on demand and meet the aggressive expansion plans of the Emirate without the IT infrastructure being a bottleneck.

Compared to where we were to where we are now is a ginormous leap for the Board in terms of IT as a strategic business driver. – CFO

This is by far the best securely managed infrastructure in the whole Emirate – Senior Security

Industry : Communications

An industry leader in technology integrations, our client needed to provide a High Availability system to manage the cabling infrastructure, so the client turned to Truly Secure to offer a cost-effective solution for HA clustering. Truly Secure provided a software-based cluster, thus reducing costs of needing a SAN and an expensive Enterprise license model but still allowing Realtime replication and Failover.

Industry : Investment Management

The scope included a complete rebuild of the wireless network, integrating a cybersecurity solution to the product from Intrusion Prevention and Data Loss Prevention while not restricting the user base from standard working practices.

Completed on time and budget without any major hiccups to a demanding workforce. –IT Director

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