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$5.31 Million: The Average Total Cost of UAE & Saudi Arabia Data Breach Combined

IBM Security report finds that data breaches cost companies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE $163 per lost or stolen record

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UAE is the 3rd most attractive target for cyber-criminals

High per capita income and internet penetration rate make UAE residents ideal targets

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UAE firms need to adhere to EU data privacy law (GDPR)

Companies operating in the UAE storing any data related to European Individuals will fall under GDPR jurisdiction.

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Cyber-Attacks Cost Global Firms $45bn in 2018

Cyber-criminals are getting better at monetizing their attacks, with $45bn lost last year alone in two million incidents, according to Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance (OTA).

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85% of companies now operating in a multi-cloud environment

Organizations are embracing the use of multiple clouds, but is formal management is lagging?

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