Build a connected workplace.

The workplace of today demands that users be able to work from anywhere, any devices, securely.

Modern Workplace

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Comms and Collaboration

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Building A Connected Workplace

Security is complex, but running it doesn’t have to be. Adapting to a multi-layered defense and an in-depth cybersecurity strategy from WatchGuard can provide the tools you need:

Comms & Collaboration

Today, small and medium-sized businesses that embrace remote work can save on full-time remote employees, while increasing productivity.

Managing the challenges of teamwork in this environment can come with a cost, however. Many businesses pay for or use multiple collaboration tools from different vendors. Few of these tools are designed to work together, so there’s inherent inefficiency, and most of them require costly IT support.

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Microsoft Teams is a fully integrated hub for teamwork in Office 365 that helps employees collaborate more effectively and helps small businesses keep costs under control.

Explore how Microsoft Teams can help your business reduce costs. We’ll show you how Teams delivers:

An integrated hub for teamwork that eliminates the cost of third party licenses

Collaboration tools that work together seamlessly to reduce the need for IT support

A single solution for meetings to help engaged employees save time

Enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability, to help you reduce IT spending

Are you managing multiple passwords?
Are you using disconnected solutions for calendars, security, file sharing, and meetings?
Does it take too long to locate all the files related to a project?
Are you experiencing email overload?
Are you unable to support remote workers or mobile users?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? Say hello to Office 365

Put modern technology to work for you.

Your technology can make the difference between a good day and a bad one. How hard are your systems working for you?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device.

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Evolve the way you work using familiar Office apps, including online and offline options across all your devices. Simplify security with one solution that is continuously up to date and enabled with multi-factor authentication. Enable unmatched collaboration working together in files and folders.

Key Use Cases

Business-Class Email

Building anything from lightweight websites to multi-tier cloud services that scale up as your traffic grows.

Cloud Storage

Rely on geo-redundant cloud storage for backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.

Meet Online

Get actionable insights from your data by taking advantage of a fully compatible enterprise-ready service.

Collaborate, Chat Privately

Accelerate your mobile app development by using a backend hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Why Office 365?

Save Your Company Money

Office 365 is available as a simple monthly subscription. Avoid high up-front costs for new software while moving the cost of IT from capital to operating expenses.

Technical Support

Your subscription comes with 24/7 support from a network of global experts with a 1 hour response time for critical, service-impacting events.

Financially Backed SLA

Get peace knowing your services are available when you need them with a financially backed, 99.9% uptime service level agreement.

Simplified IT Management

Reduce headaches by reducing your IT infrastructure. Content lives safely in a globally distributed datacenter with continuous backup and disaster recovery servers.

Scale your Business Quickly & Flexibly

Your subscription grows with you on the Azure cloud. Adding new users is as simple as a click.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Today's worker will access data from a plethora of different devices and expect access without restrictions. But how do you manage their devices securely and without affecting personally owned devices that you don’t own?

With Microsoft Intune, your business can manage devices securely without affecting personally owned devices.

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Secure devices with Microsoft Intune mobile device management capabilities:

Device Security Configuration

Enforce device security policies such as encryption, password/PIN requirements, jailbreak/root detection, and more.

Remote Actions

With client consent, Truly Secure can access devices remotely for troubleshooting, updates, and overall maintenance.

Restrict Apps & URLs

Restrict access to specific applications or URL addresses on mobile devices and PCs.

Protect data at the app level with Microsoft Intune mobile app protection policies:

Data Control

Control what happens to documents and data after they’ve been accessed with app protection policies:

App encryption at rest

App access control - PIN or credentials

Save as/copy/paste restrictions

App-level selective tip

Apply policies for Windows 10 Information

Protection for even greater control

Data Separation

Multi-identity allows you to separate company data from personal data within an app.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Desktop enables you to have a fully functional PC accessible anytime, anywhere from any device, whether it be a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. All your familiar apps and data are available.

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Key capabilities

Scalable & Flexible Environment

Create a full desktop virtualization environment in your Azure subscription without having to run any additional gateway servers.

Publish as many host pools as you need to accommodate your diverse workloads.

Bring your own image for production workloads or tests from the Azure Gallery.

Reduce costs with pooled, multi-session resources. With the new Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session capability exclusive to Windows Virtual Desktop and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) role on Windows Server, you can significantly reduce the number of virtual machines and operating system (OS) overhead while still providing the same resources to your users.

Provide individual ownership through personal (persistent) desktops.

Deploy & Manage Virtual Desktops

Use the Windows Virtual Desktop PowerShell and REST interfaces to configure the host pools, create app groups, assign users, and publish resources.

Publish full desktop or individual remote apps from a single host pool, create individual app groups for different sets of users, or even assign users to multiple app groups to reduce the number of images.

As you manage your environment, use built-in delegated access to assign roles, and collect diagnostics to understand various configuration or user errors.

Use the new Diagnostics service to troubleshoot errors.

Only manage the image and virtual machines, not the infrastructure. You don’t need to personally manage the Remote Desktop roles as you do with Remote Desktop Services, just the virtual machines in your Azure subscription.

Assign & Connect Users to Virtual Desktops

Once assigned, users can launch any Windows Virtual Desktop client to connect users to their published Windows desktops and applications.

Connect from any device through either a native application on your device or the Windows Virtual Desktop HTML5 web client.

Securely establish users through reverse connections to the service, so you never have to leave any inbound ports open.

Struggling to find documents?
Not knowing where the latest document templates are?
What is the latest version of the client document?
Where are all the operational documentation and processes?
How does the team show who’s on leave and how to report expenses?
Who’s backing up on our file server?

FACILIT8 - Your Intranet In A Box Solution

With more organized documents, we’re giving you valuable time back to focus on other things.

FACILIT8 is a solution built on sharepoint that gives businesses a complete Enterprise intranet ready to go. The solution is built alongside your Office 365 subscription, giving you simple and easy access to applications otherwise under utilized.

Let’s get started →

Version control of your documents

Create automated document templates

Centralized document storage and backup

Have a “leave request” system

Bring teams closer together with one centralized system for collaboration

What does Truly Secures FACILT8 include?

For a fixed fee and 4 Weeks of working with us, you will receive the following

An intuitively designed and simple to navigate Home Page

Up to 3 sub categories such as:
— Sales
— HR
— Finance

A leave request system with forms and workflows

A multi-currency expense submission system

HR New joiner forms and workflows

Corporate events calendar

Centralized user directory

3 document libraries to replace your file server

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Healthcare Client

Two previous companies said they could do this, and failed, Truly Secure didn’t charge us until they proved it could be done and they did prove it.

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First class work and infrastructure planning has made us more secure and cost-effective due to the shared cloud cost model.

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