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App Modernization

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Benefits of using TrulySecure DevOps

Increased Agility

Fast, easy, and agile dev-test environments on your timeline and on your terms.

Significant Savings

Provision the exact compute, storage and network resources and enjoy special Dev/Test discounts.


Be in control of the different development and test environments in the cloud.

App Modernization

Applications that fuel Digital Transformation let us assist you in transforming and modernizing your applications.

We’ve entered an application-driven economy in which the success of brands and organizations is tied to how they embrace and make the best use of custom applications to advance business.

The majority of interactions with customers, employees, and partners going forward will be digital in nature – using apps and other digital channels to connect, interact with, and delight the person on the other side.

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As the business world moves into the digital space to meet the next generation of customers, employees, and partners, businesses must create new efficiencies to compete globally. Therefore, organizations can’t view applications in the same way as before.

They have to take them to the next level.

Application-Fueled Digital Transformation

Customer Cloud Journey

With the accelerating pace of change around us, every business needs to respond and evolve faster than ever before.

Business increasingly relies on rapid innovation – to rollout out new business models, optimize business processes, or respond to regulations.

But today, roughly 72% of IT budgets are forced towards keeping the lights on - which doesn’t leave a whole lot of bandwidth for new projects and their massive potential to bring the business forward.

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This is why many organizations are looking to modernize their existing applications and move them to the cloud.

There is only one journey to the cloud – but there are different paths you can take when moving applications to the cloud.

Truly Secure will meet you where you are on your cloud journey.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? The most common definition refers to the ability of machines to perform capabilities that are typically associated with human intelligence.

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Why is AI the hottest technology to learn and one of the most important things that’s impacting every business and almost every customer we work with? There are really three reasons:

More Data

We can capture and store more data regarding how our machines perform and about how our customers interact with the business. The more relevant data you acquire, the more your business can create an accurate model in regards to your customer’s needs.

More Computing

There is a lot more computing power available and lots of different options for how to compute. One of the fantastic things about the cloud is that one can very rapidly go and deploy a large number of machines, and this changes the economics of deploying that workload. You don’t have to buy 200 servers with GPUs; you can spin them up and pay for them for a couple of hours.

Innovation in algorithms, tools, and frameworks

Over the last 5 to 10 years, we have seen innovation as a core fundamental in preparation for the next wave of creating better applications with more personalized services and experiences. This innovation is fueled by the insights gained from machine learning. The result? What was once considered state of the art technology is now outdated, and utilizing machine learning will constantly ensure that your business model is at the forefront of being a “State of the Art” provider in regards to your technologies and services.

Three Primary Capabilities

Learning, or the ability to learn over time

Traditionally, computer programs have been created by a developer and deployed at some point. For the program to improve over time, the developer would need to update the code and deploy it again. With AI, the machine can learn over time without that human intervention.


Perception is the ability to understand the world around us, for example, recognizing an object in an image, understanding the human voice, or being able to interpret a piece of text.


At a high level, it’s the ability to reason over data. If perception is about interpreting data, cognition is about reasoning on top of that. That could be to identify patterns, make predictions of what is going to happen, or identify the best possible action for a given outcome.

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