Today's datacenter is costly and complex, with many management overheads. If implemented correctly, the new datacenter can be transformed into something dynamic, on-demand, and elastic.

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The datacenter today

Today's data center is costly and complex with many management overheads.

Transform the datacenter

The new data center can be transformed into something dynamic, on-demand, and elastic.

IaaS is fastest-growing subsegment, projected to grow 36.6% in 2017, 30.1% CAGR for the next 5 years
- Gartner and IDC

80% of CIOs will be pressured by their business leaders to evaluate migrating their datacenter to IaaS
- Gartner

Azure Paps reduces the time required to manage apps by 80% and time to deploy a new app by 50%

Modern Datacenter:
Why Transform the Datacenter to Cloud?

Cloud Migration Journey

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Automatically identify all applications and machines within the environment.

View application inter-dependencies, installed applications, firewall rules, applications CPU usage and more.

Build move groups easily by machine, applications, and a number of advanced filters.

Quickly see the cost breakdown of each newly created move group.

Manage the migration by adding tags to groups and machines.


Automatically migrate all machines identified during the planning phase. Watch in real-time as machines automatically move to the cloud.

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Two previous companies said they could do this, and failed, Truly Secure didn’t charge us until they proved it could be done and they did prove it.

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First class work and infrastructure planning has made us more secure and cost-effective due to the shared cloud cost model.

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