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Perimeter Security

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Multi-Factor Authentication

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User Behavior Analytics & DLP

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End-Point Detection & Response

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Perimeter Security

Security is complex, but running it doesn’t have to be. Adapting to a multi-layered defense and in-depth cybersecurity strategy from WatchGuard can provide the tools you need:

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Every organization should have access to the most effective security technologies on the market. Our unique product architecture enables customers to leverage best-in-class security services from the industry’s most respected brands, minus the cost and complexity of multiple single-point solutions.


Simplicity is the key to the successful adoption of technology. As such, all of our products are not only easy to initially configure and deploy. They are also designed with an emphasis on centralized management, making ongoing policy and network management simple and straightforward.


Adoption of a single security scanning service is no longer an effective network security strategy. Organizations must take a layered approach to security when it comes to protecting their networks. We engineer WatchGuard’s platform to deliver the fastest throughput when it matters - with all security engines turned on.


When it comes to network security, seeing is knowing, and knowing leads to action. WatchGuard’s award winning visibility tools - both WatchGuard Cloud Visibility and the on-premises solution Dimension - enable busy IT managers to identify and take action to resolve potential security threats instantly.


WatchGuard’s unique product architecture makes it quick and easy for our team to add new, innovative network security services to our UTM offerings faster than the competition. That same architecture makes it just as easy for us to upgrade or change out existing services as technologies evolve and best practices change - something that would be a massive and time-consuming development project for any of our competitors.


Security Information Event Management

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native, (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution. Azure Sentinel delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response.

Azure Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise, alleviating the stress of increasingly sophisticated attacks, increasing volumes of alerts, and long resolution timeframes.

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Collect data at cloud scale across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, both on-premises and in multiple clouds.

Detect previously undetected threats and minimize false positives using Microsoft’s analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence. Investigate threats with artificial intelligence, and hunt for suspicious activities at scale, tapping into years of cybersecurity work at Microsoft.

Respond to incidents rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation of everyday tasks.

Anti-Spam, Keep Users Safe and Productive

Businesses rely on email to get their jobs done. They depend on you to safeguard their email. Mail Assure uses collective threat intelligence and machine learning to help protect email against spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, spear phishing, social engineering attacks, impersonation, spoofing, business email compromise, and other email-borne threats with 2B+ spam messages blocked per month.

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Cloud Based Email Security

Designed to help your customers stay in control while safeguarding their inbound and outbound email. SolarWinds® Mail Assure uses collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity, and long-term email archiving—all at an affordable price. Our proprietary filtering technology incorporates input from processing large volumes of email data that feed into our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine. This, combined with real-time pattern threat recognition and machine learning technology, helps protect your users against emerging email-borne threats.

Advance Threat Protection for inbound and outbound email

One click on a bad link in an email could bring down a network. Mail Assure processes large volumes of email data from over two million domains to help safeguard against emerging threats—with near 100% filtering accuracy. Real-time pattern threat recognition—leveraging a variety of filtering technologies—includes anti-phishing and impersonation protection at no additional cost. Mail Assure offers support for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, so you can take every possible measure to prevent phishing and to spoof emails.

Businesses rely on email to get their jobs done. They depend on you to safeguard their email.

Multi-Factor Authentication

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint answers the call for multi-factor authentication (MFA) that provides the strongest approach to user identification without the complex management, frequent user complaints, and large up-front expenses common with other products.

As a Cloud service, there’s no expensive hardware to deploy, and it can be managed from anywhere using WatchGuard Cloud’s intuitive interface.

Additionally, our ecosystem offers dozens of integrations with third party applications – ensuring that MFA protection is broadly applied for access to sensitive Cloud applications, VPNs and networks.

With a simple push notification, the AuthPoint mobile app makes each login attempt visible, allowing the user to accept or block access right from their smartphone, and AuthPoint users can sign in once to access multiple applications.

Push-Based Authentication

Secure authentication with one-touch approval. You see who’s trying to authenticate, and where, and can block unauthorized access to your resources.

QR Code-Based Authentication

Use your camera to read a unique, encrypted QR code with a challenge that can only be read with the app. The response is typed in, to finalize the authentication.

Time-based One-Time Password (OTP)

Retrieve your dynamic, time-based, one-time password as displayed, and enter it during login.

User Behavior Analytics & DLP

Real-time Employee Activity Monitoring

Teramind monitors all employee activity covering 12+ system objects like Web pages, applications, email, console commands, file transfers, instant messaging, social media, keystrokes, clipboard, searches, printing, and even on-screen content (OCR) in real-time.

User Behavior Analytics

Intelligent behavior analysis can detect malicious activity and anomalies that indicate a deviation from normal behavioral baselines. Dynamic risk scoring and vulnerability scanning identify insider activity before they represent a real threat.

Policy & Rules Engine

Get started right away with hundreds of pre-built rule templates, activity classification lists, and data categories. Create your policies and rules with an intuitive visual rule editor. Use natural English, regular expressions and conditions to easily define your requirements. Make monitoring profiles for individual employees, groups or departments.

Built-in Productivity Optimization

Define which apps and websites you consider productive and get in-depth reports on how your employees utilize them. Identify the laggards or high performers with active vs. idle time analysis. Establish a continuous feedback loop to refine and adjust your organizational workflow through tracking of schedules, projects, and employee engagement rate for overall productivity accuracy.

Audit & Forensics

Video recording of all employee activity, audio recording, sessions recording, immutable logs, alerts, and optimal OCR searches are just a few examples of Teramind’s robust audit and forensic capabilities. Together they provide a vast collection of investigative data to locate the source of an insider threat and pinpoint accuracy.

Third Party Vendor Management

Teramind’s monitoring features cover third party vendors and remote users who have access to your critical systems. This enables you to control vendor management and third-party SLA and decreases the chances of cyber threats.

Compliance Management

Teramind’s UAM can be used to create activity- and schedule-based rules to support several common compliance requirements like:
Implementing audio trails (GDPR), limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), preventing unencrypted files transfers (PCI DSS) and more.

End-Point Detection & Response

Attack prevention with Static Artificial Intelligence:

SentinelOne has built solutions to meet your organization’s infrastructure needs, such as Scalability, Cloud and On-Premise Management, Offline Support, and Robust API’s.

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Enterprise Proven

SentinelOne has built solutions to meet your organization’s infrastructure needs. We provide Scalable, Cloud and On-Premise Management, Offline Support, and Robust API.

Single, Holistic Agent

Lightweight and high-performance PC, Mac, Linux, and VDI. We have you covered. Security in real tme on the devices, and fully autonomous.

Security Integrations

Our product can serve as a platform or as an integrator. SentinelOne currently has 15 integrations for our customers, including Splunk, Fortinet, Okta, BigFix, and Tanium.

Certified & Recognized

We have worked with the security industry and specific verticals to be compliant and proven: Gartner, NSS Labs, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, MRG Effitas, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA to name a few.

Ransomware Warranty

Our Chief of Security Strategy drafted our ransomware warranty program because customers should not be left in the dark when new cyber attacks occur.


We are reimagining cybersecurity for the modern world. Everything we do is built for the threats of tomorrow, utilizing behavior and AL is equally important in what we do: Architecture.

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